Ismael Lowe

Active Certified Instructor

Ismael Lowe was born on April 4, 1990 in Angeles City, Philippines and grew up in Chicago.  He attended Universal School and is currently enrolled at the University of Illinois at Chicago, earning his bachelor’s degree in English and journalism.

Ismael started his Martial  Arts training at the age of eleven.  He was initially interested in martial arts for self-defense.  After attending the school for three years, he learned that martial arts is much more than combat — it encompasses a philosophy of discipline, patience, compassion, and other traditional values.  Thirteen years later, after enduring rigorous training and studying a wide range of empty-hand as well as weapon forms, Ismael earned his black sash on August 31, 2014.  He won the Bronze medal in Men’s Sparring in 2011’s ICMAC Tournament, among other achievements.

Ismael enjoys reading and writing in his free time, as well as watching movies with his friends.