Faarooq Lowe

Active Certified Instructor

Faarooq graduated from Northwestern University with a degree in Computer Systems Networking and Telecommunications in 2001.  He is an IT professional with a deep background in UNIX systems as well as Windows, data storage, and network architecture.

In 2001, Faarooq sought to resume his martial arts training, specifically at a school that applied traditional methods and emphasized building a solid foundation through conditioning and hard work.  Previous to studying under Sifu Torres, Faarooq had trained in Hung Gar, a southern Chinese system, while serving in the military in the Philippines.

Farooq earned his black sash in June, 2008.  He continues to push his understanding and practice of Seven Star Mantis by teaching and training under Sifu.  He enjoys fostering a sense of community within the school and watching his sons also blossom into martial artists forged mentally and physically by their study of Kung Fu.