Sifu Michael Wang

Promotion of Michael Wang to Sifu

There is a saying, “It is difficult to find a good teacher, but it is even harder to find a good student.”  Michael Wang is one of these good students.  Michael started his martial arts training with me in 1998 while he was pursuing his undergraduate degree at the University of Chicago.  Michael’s training began with foundation, where he developed solid stances, the Twelve Characters and their applications, and the 8 Rigid and 12 Flexible Methods and their applications.  He then learned several Chin Woo forms and progressively worked his way up to learning to play Seven-Star Praying Mantis forms.  As time progressed, so did Michael.  He graduated from the University of Chicago where I had the honor of attending his graduation and meeting his parents.  After his graduation, Michael planned to leave Chicago but chose to stay in Chicago and continue his training of Seven-Star Praying Mantis under my tutelage.  Michael trained very hard and quickly absorbed everything I taught him.  Michael also had the opportunity to learn from my Master, Raymond Ly, and my kung fu uncle Grandmaster Lee Kam Wing.


Michael also attended several tournaments.  In 2004, he won Gold for both continuous sparring and for forms at the Great Lakes Tournament.  In 2005, he won Bronze for both continuous sparring and for forms at the Midland Tournament (Michigan).  Michael has also had the responsibility to help teach his kung fu brothers and sisters at my school, giving him teaching experience.  Well, after eight years of very hard work (training), blood, sweat and bruises, it is with great pleasure I promote Michael Wang to Sifu and grant him the Certificate of “Man of Arrival.”  Currently, Michael is working on finishing his Eighteen Buddha’s Qi Gong (Shi Ba Luo Han Qi Gong) and beginning the second phase of his Sand/Iron Palm training. Michael will soon be opening his own school under our lineage.

Congratulations, Michael, YOU DID IT!

Health, Happiness and Prosperity,
Sifu Yamel Torres


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