Tai Chi Quan

tai chiPracticed in China and throughout the world for hundreds of years to promote health and longevity, Tai Chi Chuan is a traditional Chinese Internal Martial Art long argued to be essential in the development of a healthy and strong mind-body interaction.

Founded upon the dualistic principal of yin and yang from Taoist philosophy, Tai Chi exercises combine deep diaphragmatic breathing and fundamental postures flowing gracefully from one position to the next. By regulating breath and motion Tai Chi builds strength, hand-eye coordination, flexibility, concentration and memory; improves digestion and is thought to improve psychological conditions such as anxiety and depression associated with inactivity.

One of the causes for a downward decline in the health of older generations is due to the loss of their balance. A slip or fall too often leads to a fracture, surgery and months of recovery- a time of limited or no mobility causing further complications and health issues. Practicing Tai Chi improves strength and balance, limiting the possibility of a fall and the physical deficiencies that precede debilitating injuries.


Tai Chi is the best form of exercise for balance, body perception, muscular and skeletal strength and ones over all health, findings published in the Journal of American Medical Association, May 3 1995.

Often overlooked are the practical applications for self-defense found in the study of Tai Chi. While this aspect of Tai Chi takes longer to develop, Tai Chi Chuan- “The Grand Ultimate Fist-” is a Martial Art. The Tai Chi taught at our school is Wu style, taught to Sifu Torres by his teacher, Grand Master Leung Shum.

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“I am grateful to my Sifu for accepting me as a student and teaching me his family’s style of Wu Tai Chi as well as privately teaching me Ying Jow Pai.”
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