Kung Fu

sifuBrian2manKung fu is a traditional Chinese Martial Art that was originally developed in China almost two thousand years ago. The term “Kung fu,” meaning “skill achieved through hard work,” can be traced to the Warring States Period of Ancient China (475-251 BC) where practitioners first coined the term.  Thinkers at the time sought to train the body and mind through codified practice, and thus to cultivate peace in the midst of chaos and conflict.

Legends indicate that Ta Mao (Bodhidharma) arrived at Shaolin Temple around 495 AD and taught the frail monks how to build up their bodies through Luo Han Qi Gong as well as other martial exercises and movements.  Over the centuries, the Shaolin Monks developed Kung fu as a way to cultivate their internal and external power for the purpose of strength, health, and spiritual growth.  It is in this spirit that we train.

At our school, students of Kung Fu learn various techniques and forms of the Seven Star Praying Mantis system. Each class provides a rigorous physical workout as well as opportunities for mental and spiritual growth. Through patient learning and persistent practice, students acquire proper technical foundation, strength, speed, reflexes, mental acuity, willpower, and other important building blocks for becoming a true martial artist.

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